Água Mineral Luso
Agua Mineral

Luso Natural
Mineral Water

Luso Natural Mineral Water, with 170 years of history, originates from the depths of the
Bussaco Mountain Range, circulating untouched by man, along a natural course of rocks
that purify and filter the water.

Água mineral: vidro retornável BLOB 1@2X

Returnable Glass

Água de Luso's glass bottles, are all returnable, developed from 100% natural materials and are 100% recyclable.

They come in three formats: 25cl; 50cl and 1L. We fill the bottles at our filling plant in Luso, and deliver them to cafés, restaurants, and supermarkets. After use, we collect the empty bottles, sanitise them and reuse them for the next refill. Are you already part of this cycle?

Plataforma Drinkies 360

Visit the Drinkies website and order without leaving home

Drinkies is a platform with an ordering service, where you can order your crates of Luso Returnable and receive them at home, at a time of your choice. Help us to protect the future of the planet and include the collection of the crates and bottles at the checkout.

Drinkies 360
Água Mineral de Luso Elemento Bolha 2


The Luso 10L Ecopack is a new way to store, serve and drink water! With a 60% reduction of plastic when compared to the Luso 5.4L demijohn, it is suitable for the fridge and, because of its tap, it is very easy to pour in the right amount without waste.

The cardboard in the box comes from responsible sources, registered and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®).

The same Água de Luso, now in a more convenient format.

Água Mineral Plástico Reciclável Elemento Bolha 3

100% recyclable plastic

The 100% recyclable Luso plastic bottles are available in the following formats: 33cl; 50cl; 75cl Sport; 1.5L and in the 5.4L and 7L demijohns.

Since 2010, we have already reduced 30% of the plastic in our packaging, resulting in a reduction of 900 tonnes of PET per year.

All our labels and cardboard materials such as bottle trays are responsibly sourced, registered and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®).

Product specifications

Agua Luso Composicao 2

Created by the Bussaco Mountain Range, Água de Luso has a balanced pH, and due to its low mineralisation, it is indicated for the preparation of infant food. Its low sodium content makes it suitable for low-sodium diets.

pH 5.8

Water with low mineral content

Suitable for infant food

Low sodium content

Agua Luso Composicao 2
Chemical Composition
pH 5,8 ± 0,2
Silica (SiO2) 14±0,98 mg/l
Dry residue at 180º C 43±4 mg/l
Total Dissolved Salts 49±5 mg/l
Total Hardness 9,0±0,8 mg/l
Anions (mg/l)
Chloride 9,3±0,4
Bicarbonate HCO3 12±3
Sulphate SO42 1,6±0,2
Nitrate NO3 1,6±0,11
Cations (mg/l)
Sódio Na+ (Sodium) 7,2±0,9
Magnesium Mg2+ 1,7±0,2
Calcium Ca2+ 0,74±0,11
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