Comunidade Luso – iniciativas de responsabilidade social
Responsabilidade Social: Comunidade Luso
Comunidade – um dos três pilares de sustentabilidade Luso


Luso promove a sustentabilidade, saúde e comunidade
Comunidade – criação da Fundação Luso

Keeping an eye on Portugal

The Luso Foundation was set up in 2008 and is the first foundation in Portugal to associate the competencies of a company with the interests of the region where the essential resources for its economic activity are located.

As part of Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas' (SCC) Corporate Responsibility Policy, it is an innovative, ambitious project with activities geared to benefiting all Portuguese people.

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Serving the Portuguese and future generations

To contribute to the advancement of knowledge and information related to water and human health, the preservation of the water and natural heritage of Luso, and the sustainable development of the community of this region. Focused on the WATER element, Luso Foundation's action strategy is based on three basic principles that guide its action:

• The Water we drink has great benefits for health and well-being.

• Water is part of our natural and cultural heritage.

• The natural mineral water preferred by the Portuguese is born in Bussaco.

Fundação Luso e iniciativas de integração da Comunidade
Integração da comunidade como um pilar da responsabilidade civil Luso

three areas of activity of the Luso Foundation arise from these 3 principles:

Environment - The protection and enhancement of the origin of the Luso natural mineral water spring.

Community - The promotion of the community's economic development and the enhancement of the region's natural and cultural heritage.

 - Promoting healthy lifestyles, encouraging research, and sharing knowledge about the benefits of water for health.

Promoção e desenvolvimento da Comunidade Luso
Empreendedores premiados pela Luso

Luso rewards entrepreneurs

The Luso Foundation created the Entrepreneurship Award that aims to recognise and support entrepreneurial and innovative projects already under development in the municipality of Mealhada, with implementation in Luso, enhancing the economic development of the region.
We had the 12th edition in 2020 and 22 entrepreneurial initiatives have already been distinguished and supported in an approximate value of 90 thousand euros.

Fundação Luso e Comunidade
Luso junto da Comunidade

Still within the scope of the Community...

... Fundação Luso, in partnership with the Municipality of Mealhada and Fundação Mata do Bussaco, promoted several Exhibitions at the Casino over the years, during the summer period.

Entrance to the exhibition has a symbolic value of 1 euro per visitor, and the entire revenue has always been used for the recovery and restoration of the Convent's pieces of sacred art.


Fundação Luso, in partnership with CMM and the Parish Councils of the Municipality of Mealhada, promoted an Exhibition at Casino do Luso from June to October’19, entitled Culture and Traditions of the Municipality of Mealhada.

The Luso Foundation supports the communities in which it operates by:


• Supporting the rehabilitation and restoration of the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist, next to the Luso Fountain, in the centre of the town of LUSO

• Supporting cultural events in Luso and Mealhada

• Support for the town's Christmas lights

• Supporting social, recreational, and sports institutions (Melo Pimenta Social Centre and sports groups, Mealhada and Pampilhosa fire brigades)

Other pillars