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Water is the source of life of all living beings.

Water performs several essential functions in the human body. As a solvent, since it is the medium in which all cellular processes occur. It is a substrate for metabolic reactions and the structural component that gives shape to cells. Fundamental to the processes of digestion, absorption, and excretion where it acts as a means of transport of nutrients to the cells and of toxic substances resulting from metabolism to the kidneys, through which they are excreted.

Water maintains the intra and extra cellular balance and directly influences the regulation of body temperature. The evaporation of perspired water allows the body to cool down, avoiding hyperthermia. We can go 1 month without eating but only 3 days without drinking!

Água de Luso – iniciativas de Bem estar

What is important in the composition of water?

The World Health Organization, an international reference body in the area of Health, considers that when it comes to health benefits for water, what matters is bacteriological purity and chemical composition. The pH of the water is not considered a criterion.

Natural mineral water, originally pure and of high quality, after being protected by packaging, is the best drink to ensure perfect hydration. In addition to the fact that it is a natural product, it has the added value of containing a set of mineral salts and trace elements specific to each water, depending on its origin, which remain constant over time.

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Do you know the differences between bottled water and tap water?

When we talk about bottled natural mineral or spring water, we are talking about natural products preserved and taken in the best conditions of purity, safety, and hygiene from their origin to the consumer. These are highly controlled food products with guaranteed traceability.

Such waters are clearly different from the waters for public distribution, generally abstracted from rivers or dam reservoirs, and which need to undergo chemical treatment processes in order to attain the characteristics of potability.

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Água de Luso: os benefícios da água engarrafada para o bem estar

We can find several minerals in water as Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, among others.

But we cannot expect the water to supply our daily needs, this is not the function of water.

Regarding the choice of water, they all have different chemical compositions, varying according to the region and the type of soil they pass through.

There are lighter waters, with low mineralisation, characteristic of most of the waters in Portugal, and others with a higher mineral load, more characteristic of the south of the country. The important thing is that they all fulfil their main function, to hydrate.

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Luso Thermal Spa

Termas de Luso: iniciativas e Bem estar
Bem estar e lazer nas Termas de Luso

Luso Thermal Spring has an innovative concept of Medical Spa supported by three complementary areas: Therapeutic Thermalism, Thermal Spa and Medical Center.

The Thermal Spring Complex is open to the public for twelve months, responding to current trends of the Health and Well-being segment.

The distinguishing facilities of the Luso Thermal Spring, surrounded by the indescribable beauty of the Bussaco Mountain Range with its centuries-old forestation, allow the recovery of the perfect balance between Body, Mind and Soul.

Balance between body and mind must be integrally accompanied

The Medical Center is focused on specialised medical support, in particular physical rehabilitation and prevention programmes.

The Thermal Spring Complex is open to the public all year round, responding to current trends of the Health and Well-being segment.

You can book at

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What makes Luso Thermal Water so special?

The deep circuit travelled by the rain waters gives Luso Thermal Water a low mineralisation. It is therefore considered a hyposaline water, that is to say, water with very little mineralisation, commonly called very light water.

The fact the water reaches great depths below ground also causes the heating of the water that emerges, by the interposition of an impermeable geological barrier that forces the concentrated rise of the waters. The water that rises to the surface is around 28ºC, making it, therefore, mesothermal.

Termas de Luso – tratamento de patologias

Our water is indicated for the treatment of several ailments

• Circulatory System Diseases: arterial hypertension.

• Diseases of the Nephro-urinary system: Lithiasis and renal insufficiency.

• Respiratory System Diseases: Bronchitis, rhinitis, and chronic sinusitis.

• Chronic Skin Diseases: Psoriasis, atopical and chronic eczema, acne, and burns.

• Metabolic-Endocrine Diseases: Diabetes, gout, and hypercholesterolemia.

• Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases: Arthrosis, spondylosis, tendonitis, and fibromyalgia.

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