Agua Luso Sustentabilidade Ambiental
Iniciativas Sustentabilidade Ambiental Agua Luso
Serra Do Bussaco


Protecao Ambiental Serra Bussaco

Protection of water resources and partnership with the Mata do Bussaco Foundation.

We protect water resources, namely through the defence and maintenance of the Luso Natural Mineral Water Aquifer System, an exceptional resource originating in the Bussaco Mountain Range, and whose conscious and sustainable use of this resource is at the genesis of the brand. We seek to ensure that this pure and untouchable water reaches not only current generations but also future generations.

The Luso Foundation has been a partner of the Mata do Bussaco Foundation since 2009. It has been involved in several projects over the years, thus contributing to the preservation and conservation of nature and biodiversity, protecting, and valuing the water and natural heritage of Luso, where the Luso natural mineral water is born.


Recovery and Enhancement of the Water Trail throughout the entire wood

Recovery and Enhancement of the Water Trail throughout the entire forest, so that visitors can get to know the natural trail of water in the Bussaco Wood. Luso Foundation's contribution to the FMB was 50 thousand euros.

Protecting the Água de Luso aquifer

The Luso Foundation established a protocol with Quercus, working on 24 hectares during three seasons (from 2014 to 2016), i.e., an average of 8 hectares per year, planting and/or caring for a total of 24,000 native trees and shrubs. Once the Protocol was fulfilled, the objective was exceeded, and a total of 29 were planted. 215 autochthonous trees and bushes were planted in the Bussaco Mountain Range, within the protection perimeter of the Água de Luso aquifer.

Annual tree plantation and reforestation activities

Annual tree-planting and reforestation initiatives involving Água de Luso / Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas employees in Bussaco Wood with native species (stone pine, sessile oak, sycamore, holly, arbutus and chestnut trees) with the aim of preserving our water resource Luso and increasing civil society's commitment to protecting the environment and the sustainability of the ecosystem of the Bussaco Mountain Range.

Agua Luso Sustentabilidade

Reducing the environmental impact of our packaging

A path towards reducing the environmental impact of our packaging.
We are concerned with using materials that minimise environmental impact, through the reduction, reuse, and recycling of our packaging and a commitment to using materials from responsible sources.

Gestao Sustentavel Consumo Agua

Exclusively returnable glass bottles

We use exclusively returnable glass bottles, developed from 100% natural materials and able to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to single-use glass bottles.
We fill the bottles at our filling plant in Luso, and deliver them to cafés, restaurants, and supermarkets. After use, we collect the empty bottles from the points of sale, sanitise them and reuse them for the next filling.
In this way, each bottle has countless uses. The bottles are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, so the glass can be used to make new glass bottles.

Plataforma Drinkies 360

Drinkies 360 platform

To encourage the consumption of returnable bottles at home, Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas has launched the "Drinkies 360" platform. An innovative service that allows you to order drinks in returnable glass bottles online, with home delivery and collection using electric vehicles.

You can find out more and order your drinks in returnable bottles here:

Drinkies 360
Sustentabilidade Ambiental Fabrica Agua Luso

30% reduction of PET used in our packaging

We have been developing ongoing projects since 2005 to reduce the weight of PET bottles. These projects already represent a total 30% reduction in the PET used in our packaging, corresponding to around 900 tonnes PET/year.

How does the Ponto Verde recycling system work in Portugal?

From the extraction of natural resources until it reaches our hands, packaging goes through a long process that does not end at the moment of consumption. When we recycle our packaging, we increase its life cycle, contributing to the creation of new raw materials that will be transformed into new products.

Sistema Sociedade Ponto Verde EN (1)

The Ponto Verde Recycling System

- Packers/Importers

The packaging and importing companies that place their packaging on the market ensure the final disposal of the municipal waste into which their packaging is transformed, after consumption by transferring these responsibilities to Sociedade Ponto Verde.

- Distribution

In the distribution circuit, one-way packaging may only be marketed if it is covered by an integrated system, such as the Ponto Verde system.

- Consumers

Consumers sort used packaging by type of packaging in their homes and put it in special containers (household recycling bins, bags, or baskets), which they then deposit in the recycling bins or in door-to-door collection systems.

- Recycling/Raw Materials

The municipalities or urban waste management companies collect, and sort used packaging and make it available to Sociedade Ponto Verde, which then takes it to its network of industrial partners for recycling.

- Collection and Sorting

Waste management operators collaborating with Sociedade Ponto Verde ensure the take-back and recycling of used packaging, reintroducing into the economy recycled raw materials, which subsequently lead to new products.

Sociedade Ponto Verde Glossary: are you familiar with these terms?


A set of design practices aimed at creating eco-efficient products and processes, with respect for environmental, health, and safety objectives, throughout the entire life cycle of these products and processes, without compromising their cost, quality, and manufacturing time constraints.


Ease with which the materials that make up a packaging can be used again in the manufacture of new products and/or packaging, not destined for energy recovery, considering the collection, sorting, and recycling processes, in accordance with the packaging waste management systems and the technologies currently available.


Processing old materials into new products, with the aim of avoiding the waste of potentially useful resources. It reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy use, air, and water pollution, the need for "conventional" waste rejection and greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin production.

Circular Economy

A model of production and consumption that involves sharing, reusing, repairing, and recycling existing materials and products, extending their life cycle, and reducing waste to a minimum. When a product reaches the end of its life cycle, its materials are kept within the economy wherever possible and can be used repeatedly, thus creating more value. (European Parliament definition:

Do you know how to reuse/recycle Água de Luso's packaging?

Agua Luso Retornavel

All our glass containers are returnable. They must be returned to Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas, so that we can sanitize and reuse them for the next filling. If you need support, please contact us via our customer service: 800 239 239 (free call).

Agua Luso Como Reciclar Plastico

Recycle your plastic packaging in 2 steps:

  1. Flatten the bottle with the cap on
  2. Place the bottle with the cap in the yellow recycling bin
Agua Luso Como Reciclar Ecopack

Recycle your Ecopack in 4 steps:

  1. Open the box
  2. Separate the box from the bag with tap
  3. Flatten the box and deposit in the blue recycling bin
  4. Place the empty bag with its tap in the yellow recycling bin

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